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Corporate Executive Health


At BHCHC, we believe in taking charge of your health, through the power of prevention and early detection. Our mission is to help keep you and your workforce healthy.

Every hire you make is an investment, especially when it comes to leadership positions. Executive physicals help your employees identify life threatening health risks early, that could impact and save their lives. These screenings improve the productivity and longevity of your most critical employees, as well as enhance their daily health and well-being, helping secure your company’s future. Our executive health services are private, efficient and convenient, with state-of-the-art technologies, all in one comprehensive center with our onsite physician, laboratory and diagnostic imaging center. Results are available quickly within 24 hours.

Services include:

  • Health screening: Physician consultation to discuss medical history
    • Customized to each individual person based on medical history, genetic history, lifestyle and health concerns, upon which a set of laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests is recommended
    • Health screening packages can be chosen as well
    • Wellness services including:
      • IV Vitamin Therapy
      • IV UV Therapy
      • IV Ozone Therapy
      • Boosters
      • Stem Cell Therapy
      • PRP
      • Onsite Rapid Covid Testing

We are happy to provide additional information and arrange an account for you. Services can be tailored according to your company’s needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact our corporate executive health team at 310-432-8925 or email

Our Comprehensive Screening Services

In our comprehensive center, we have an on-site award-winning laboratory with COLA accreditation, ACR accredited diagnostic imaging center, and world-renowned physicians.

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