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Concierge Medicine

At Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center we offer many services which include concierge medical services, catering to each person’s specific needs. Our concierge medical services will meet your individual preferences and needs – whether traveling to our center internationally or living locally.

Exclusive concierge medical services in Los Angeles include:

  • 24 x 7 access to your concierge physician, by cell phone and email
  • Same-day or expedited (within 24 hours) appointments, service, and treatment – including after-hours and weekends
  • Same-day results (including most imaging, laboratory tests, corona tests)
  • Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, coordinated treatment
  • Executive screenings and physicals
  • Customized physicals and health screenings geared to each person based on their personal risk factors (including medical history, family and genetic history, and lifestyle)
  • Private treatment rooms

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