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Corporate Covid-19 Testing

During these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, employers and companies have faced difficulties and challenges with employees working from home. We can help companies open their offices, and maintain.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center is helping people in the local community get tested for COVID-19 to ensure they do not have an active infection and get the proper information and medical care they need.

Health Screening

Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center offers a comprehensive health testing and screening program. By taking a proactive approach towards your health, this can be one of the best ways to catch many health issues, including cancer.

Our Medical Professionals Perform Three Types of COVID Tests


Rapid antibody fingerprick test

The rapid COVID-19 antibody test is a quick procedure that only requires a small drop of blood as a sample. The test kit analyzes the blood sample for the presence of antibodies against the Coronavirus. A major advantage of this test is that it yields results in only 15 minutes. If your employee tests positive for Coronavirus antibodies, it can mean that he or she has been previously exposed to the virus and has successfully developed immunity to COVID, therefore he or she is now may now be safe to return to the workplace.

Results within 15 minutes


Rapid Antigen Swab Test

The rapid COVID-19 antibody test is a quick procedure that only requires a swab as a sample. The test kit analyzes the sample for the presence of Coronavirus antigens. A major advantage of this test is that it yields verbal results in only 8 minutes and a written report in 1-2 hours. 100% Specificity, 94% Sensitivity.

Results within 8 Minutes


Rapid PCR testing via mouth or nasal swab

We offer both PCR mouth and nasal swabs, both over 99% accurate. However, the mouth swab is much more comfortable than a nasal swab (most places only offer nasal swab) and less invasive. Both involve procuring a sample of the mucus in the mouth or nose to test the presence of coronavirus viral RNA. The sample is then sent to a professional lab for analysis. Our lab is able to provide results by the following day and usually within 24 hours or less for PCR tests vs other facilities which are providing results in 5-7 days. If results are needed urgently, extra rush fees will apply for same-day results. Disclaimer that any PCR testing done on Sundays may take up to Monday evening for results (up to 36 hours). If your employee tests positive for Coronavirus, he or she will need to stay home or be referred to a medical facility for proper medical care.

Results within 12-24 hours
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Our center is performing no contact Covid testing, with same-day results for PCR swab, antigen and antibody tests for schools. We can do drive thru-testing at our facility in Beverly Hills, and we also travel to school sites to test employees, students and parents. We can charge insurance for these tests. Access to our online portal to view results in real-time, easily.

Hotels are especially vulnerable as businesses start to reopen. Guests staying at your hotel need to be sure they are bringing their family and co-workers to a COVID-free environment and that the hotel is being proactive about prevention.

Aside from wearing masks and gloves, guests need to feel safe. By showing them everyone in your hotel is being periodically tested you will demonstrate your hotel is serious about protecting them during this pandemic.

As restaurants begin to reopen at a reduced capacity, patrons need to be sure employees are tested since they are handling their food and beverages. Furthermore, restaurants present a different challenge as patrons need to remove their masks in order to enjoy their meals. Being certain they are going to a restaurant that is being proactive about prevention will determine the success of their reopening and how patrons see them in the long-term.

Retail stores have been especially affected by the closures in the past few months, and customers are willing to shop online to avoid contact with others. As stores reopen and invite customers back in, it’s going to be important to demonstrate to your customers that you are being proactive in ensuring their safety.


Most airlines require Covid-19 PCR Tests to be taken 72 hours before your flight. We deliver results in 24 hours.

For more information call us at (310) 432-8962

Our beloved people who help maintain this city and streets are now able to get tested easily with group testing or drive thru any day and results within 24 hours!

It is because of them we are being provided with care and information so we can best prepare on how to stay healthy and safe! Let’s us know if you’d like to your doctors office, private hospital, or even small clinics!

Please reach out to us for any questions and what we can do for you! We love to provide testing for anyone who needs it!

Kaiser Permanente patients can get tested here and get reimbursed by Kaiser through a superbill we provide


At Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center, our mission is to empower you to take charge of your health, through the power of prevention. Whether you visit our center for a complete health screening, a rapid Covid-19 test, or the Covid-19 antibody test, our leading-edge center can handle all of your needs. In our comprehensive center, we have an on-site award-winning laboratory with COLA  accreditation, ACR accredited diagnostic imaging center, and world-renowned physicians. Our state-of-the-art center provides rapid COVID testing with same-day results (FDA approved and accurate), helping keep our community safe. We are honored that we can make a difference in the community during these unprecedented times.

What They’re Saying

I contacted Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center since I wanted to do a Coronavirus test for my entire family, so that we could see our parents who are elderly and high risk. They were able to test me, my husband, and my two young kids in less than 15 minutes (without any tears since the test was doesn’t hurt!), without even getting out of the car! It was very convenient. We had our results the same day! Best of all, the tests are FDA approved and accurate, so we had peace of mind when seeing grandma and grandpa. Highly recommend!

SN and family

Reliable, fast and accurate, I couldn’t ask for more for Covid testing. We just had to roll down our window. Great service for the community.


I came here for a general health screening, and they ended up saving my life. Thank you to all of the compassionate staff and especially to Dr. Gabayan for caring about me each step of the way – you are a very special soul.


I am an endodontist, and as a dentist we are at risk for contracting Coronavirus due to the nature of our work. Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center has helped test both me and my office staff consistently every 2 weeks, so that we are ensured that we have a safe office environment for our staff and patients, as well as for when we go home to our families. Thank you for making it so easy and efficient for us by coming to our office, and we are amazing by how fast the results were. You guys are the best and you have changed our lives during this very very hard time for everyone – thank you!


Our close friend tested positive for Coronoavirus right after we saw her (her symptoms started the day after we saw her). We started to self-isolate just in case, and came to Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center for Covid testing for our family, including our kids. Our kids did great and it was so easy, they actually found it interesting and fun. We were in and out quickly, with the results in the afternoon. Interestingly my husband tested positive, even though he had no symptoms until later. So glad we found out quickly and we were careful.


I do consistent executive health screenings at this center. The doctors are great in that they customize the screenings to me based on my medical and genetic history, so that I don’t do any unnecessary testing. I have referred many colleagues and friends here as well, and they also all had positive experiences here. Thank you for helping me and my friends stay healthy!


I am a preschool teacher, and Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center was hired by our school to test all of the staff before school started, and they will be coming back on and ongoing basis. They came to our location which was awesome, and results were rapid as they promised. They are wonderful.


Ideal place for executive health screenings. They had all of the services and doctors in the center, making it easy, and I got everything done in one day – including getting my results for a health scare, so I didn’t have to stress for no reason.


We have been working with BHCHC for many months now to test our staff. They have been doing routine testing so that we can continue with our production safely. We appreciate your team's hard work, flexibility, and great service. They have always had the results back to us timely and make everything easy for us. Employees have been tested efficiently and easily with no complaints or discomfort. Highly recommend!!!

CN, Production Studio

We hired Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center to test employees for my company. We are in the manufacturing business. They have been doing routine testing for us, and, they have come on short notice when we were notified of a positive case (within a few hours!). They have even doing testing for us starting at 6 in the morning. Best of all, the results are so fast and they are able to test our employees quickly. The tests are also comfortable, unlike other tests we have done. They have gone above and beyond to meet our needs. Could not have had better service each time. Thank you for helping us keep our company open and safe.

BM, Manufacturing Company